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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wrap Yourself in Luxury and Comfort this Season

Autumn is the adjustment period--it's not winter, so you don't have to commit to bundling up just yet, but you still want to be cozy in the crisp air. Luckily, this fall's trends let you feel cozy while looking fabulous. I am in love with the textures and shapes of this season!

First, the flat shoe of the season is the smoking slipper, which I've explained here is the new ballet flat. It's fresh, good for day and night, and COMFORTABLE! No more ballet flats with that awkward scrunch in the heel. Second, the textures this season are all comfort-meets-luxury. I'm talking about soft furs and velvet. (If you don't believe in wearing fur, faux furs are available everywhere and are a great--and cheaper--option!) Here are a few great ways to incorporate these shapes and textures into your autumn wardrobe.

Charles Philip has been king of the smoking slipper this year. Run errands all day in these smoking slippers, a fur vest, and skinny jeans.

The Oxford shoe has been popular the last few seasons. This smoking slipper version of an Oxford makes it slightly more feminine and much more wearable. Be daring and try them with a cropped pant. 

Dress up a wild pair like these for a night out.

Want to combine the shoe shape of the season with the texture of the season? Try these awesome velvet smoking slippers with a silver-dip toe for a super cool look!

If you can't stay in your pajamas all day, wearing soft furs and velvet can be the next best thing. They move, keep you warm and comfortable, and give an easy look of luxury. If you really want to feel like you're wrapped in a blanket all day, go for a fur scarf. 

All season, I've been preaching the beauty of mixing materials. The faux shearling on this sweatshirt makes it appropriate for nighttime--just add some ring bling for a pop of color!

I love the texture, color, and shape of this blazer. THIS is how to wear velvet this season!

Remember all the amazing colored jeans I showed you a few weeks ago? Try these in velvet!

A velvet dress is so decadent. Pair it with gold and jewel tones for a Baroque look. 

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