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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Color it Right: Lani's Guide To The Colored Jean Trend

The Colored Jean Trend: everything to gain and nothing to fear! Some trends seem too expensive for only one season's worth of wearing. This is not one of them. Not only do colored jeans come at totally affordable prices but they seem to be sticking around. Don't be intimidated! I'll show you some great ways to wear them and take away your FEAR OF THE TREND. By the end of this post, you'll be wondering which color to buy first!

Let's start with neutral colors. A pale jean is a great foundation for any outfit--you can dress it up or down, and add pops of color or pattern without looking too busy.

Doesn't this neutral, earthy color look like autumn? Pair these cords with booties and sit down to enjoy a pumpkin spice latte!

One jean that a lot of women fear is the "winter white." Be fearless! Try them with bold pumps for a sleek nighttime look.

Want to have more fun with the trend? This flared jean would look great with chunky pumps.

When you think "brights," you probably think of summer. This fall is all about bright jewel tones!

Do the colorblocking thing with a bright blue jean on bottom and a pale blouse on top.

Even bright orange is fall-appropriate... think pumpkin orange, not Halloween orange!

Colored jeans in a muted tone are great for daytime. This pair is casual with a nice zipper detail.  Add a chambray blouse and you have the perfect errand-running outfit.

Try the color of the season, Oxblood, on jeans. Throw on a leather jacket for a tough-but-lovely look.

Back to basics: show that colored denim is not just for jeans by 
pairing a basic black jean with a colored denim jacket.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cheap, Chic and On-Trend: JCP is the New H&M!

This blog post is dedicated to the readers who have been giving me a hard time for only posting $3,000 bags. If those high-price, on-trend items are out of reach, here's some good news: JC Penney has rebranded itself as JCP and its reinvention gives shoppers an in-store experience closer to what they get when shopping for luxury brands. Even the clothes got a make-over! Now, you can even buy designer brands there, such as Betsey Johnson's Betseyville, Nicole Miller's nicole By Nicole Miller, Charlotte Ronson's I 'Heart' Ronson, and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Olsenboye. This season, JCP has a lot of trendy looks for very friendly prices, so you can get them even if you don't live in a big city with an H&M or Forever21. Here's a taste:

This season is all about embracing patterns and trying new shapes. How about a mod shift in houndstooth, one of the most prevalent patterns this season?

Or if you're feeling daring, try a large-scale pattern in color. This one is so Prada!

This top kills two trends with one stone: a pattern and leather sleeves.

Not enough leather? Rock the head-to-toe leather trend with this tunic.

Pair the tunic with short leather biker boots and leather leggings to complete the look.

The leather moto jacket is a key item for the black leather trend.

This elegant top is simple and sexy. Accessorize it with a jewel-toned brooch and earrings to make it pop, or try another trend, mixing prints, with the animal print skirt below.

Don't you just LOVE this mod orange coat? This is modern minimalism at its best. I'd love it over the Liz Claiborne patterned blouse and metallic snake print skirt!

The Peplum is one of the most important shapes this season. Gotta show off your waist or create one!

This dress is a great example of color blocking. Did you ever think brights mixed with black would be back? I sure didn't!

Fur trim and accessories are everywhere this season. A fur scarf looks luxurious, and with this one, you don't pay a luxurious price. Try it over a sweater or a coat.

Oxblood/burgundy is the color to rock this season. Try this ladylike shoulder bag. This color matches EVERYTHING, so you don't have to change your purse! Love that as a busy mom!

The slipper is the shoe of the season. Comfy, chic, inexpensive... what's not to love?

If you love the equestrian look this season, you'll need a good riding boot.

Any brides out there? Can you believe this dress costs $90???

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall Favorites

Letting go of summer is never easy, but at least we have Fall Fashion to help us! Each new fashion season is about reinventing the old, and finding a new way to wear your favorite materials, patterns, or shapes. However, this season is remarkably innovative, and it's exciting for an old hat like me. Here are some of my Fall Favorites:

The LBD is a classic, but this futuristic contour dress will give you curves where you want them.

The last post was all about my favorite fall bags. This could have made the list but I was saving it for this week! It's a simple tote, but the incredible pattern is what this season is all about. And I love birds! Hmmm... My birthday is coming up...

The dinner jacket has been done over and over again, but this sequined jacket is new and sexy with a cool vintage feel. I want it!

Leather, leather, leather. It's always in style, but this fall, we're seeing it all over, head to toe. Try it in a tee! Luckily, I already have a black one from last year...

Or for a more reasonably priced leather piece, try the contrasting sleeve trend! This is one of the best deals of the season. 

Even leggings are getting the leather treatment. 

The new black pant? The black maxi skirt. 

Cropped pants aren't just for spring/summer. Pair them with booties, or the latest trend, wedge sneakers, and embrace the autumn chill!

It wouldn't be fall without a new sweater. This season, I love sweaters that mix in a little fur.

Let velvet slippers replace your tired ballet flats. This new shape goes with everything, and the rubber bottom makes them comfortable for all-day wear.

This aged grey color freshens up the classic short leather boot.

The classic riding boot nails the equestrian trend that I love so much this season. Of course, I've been wearing them myself for the last five fall seasons because I'm a glutton for comfort. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Favorite Fall Bags

This post is brought to you by special request from one of my favorite readers. Feel free to send in your own requests!

This fall, I have seen--and fallen in love with--bags that seem to have their own identities. These totes, clutches, backpacks, and shoulder bags have real personalities... talk about statement pieces! These are some of my favorites:

One important trend this season is bright colors. This purple suede highlights the jewel tone trend and makes a modern classic even more modern.
Structured bags are functional, but they also create crisp, stylized lines. 
A variation of the structured bag is the doctor's bag. This doctor's bag is highly styled, but has more of a casual feel than other structured bags. 
Structured bags like to go out at night, too. This box clutch lends a rock-and-roll element to this lady like bag with its brass knuckles. The built in skull and gem rings are like instant accessories!

One staple shape of this season is the shoulder bag. It hangs calmly next to you, like a trusty sidekick. 

Backpacks can have personalities, too. The patent leather detailing takes this large backpack from lazy to lovely. 

Leather brings a little sass and flare to what could be a dull duffle bag. 

This season, pattern mash-ups are a-plenty, so go with a patterned tote and don't worry about "matching" your outfit.

For a modern pattern, try stripes in a bold color. 
And then there are animal prints and envelope bags... there are always animal prints no matter how much I wish they would finally go away!

Plaids are one of the biggest patterns this season. The black and yellow wool fabric brings a punk-plaid down a notch and makes it cozy. 

Lace is always a good choice, even for day. This pattern is both demure and provocative. 
The ultimate in patterns? Pop art. This Lichtenstein-like bag is loud, and I want to listen. P.S. The Lichtenstein exhibit is coming to The National Gallery! I saw it at The Art Institute of Chicago and will be attending the show again in DC.

Patterns aside, a bag can take on a life of its own through exciting or rich colors. Oxblood/Burgundy is the color of the season. This is the bag trend I'll be sporting this season!

Pales are gentle and give your entire outfit a subdued, pleasant quality and an extra dose of sophistication. 

Finally, metallics and iridescent colors make bags pop and your outfit shine. 

What Fall Bag are you going to buy? I hope my choices have given you some inspiration!