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Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Would Your Uniform Be?

One of the benefits of using a personal stylist is the amount of time you save getting dressed each and every day, not just for special occasions or date night. I tell my clients that they'll be able to get dressed in two minutes or less once they have gone through the entire styling process with me. My clients and I are able to acheive this fashion freedom by narrowing down the outfit choices to only include complete looks that work for them.  Doing so simplifies the process and provides the client confidence as they select what they'll wear for the day.

Now imagine how long it would take to get dressed if you only had one choice. Thirty seconds or less, perhaps? There are individuals who have decided that they won't waste time or energy on deciding what to wear every day, instead they just wear the same thing every day. Most of these individuals are some of the most creative in our society: fashion designers.

What might surprise you is what these designers adopt for their daily attire. For instance, Giorgio Armani makes incredible suiting but sticks to tee shirts. Of course, if you are a high end shopper, you know that Armani also makes incredible tee shirts if you are willing to spend $500 per.

Giorgio Armani
Other designers' regular garb epitomizes their style a bit more. Alexander Wang sports all black. Tom Ford rocks crisp, white button-downs and sharp but luxurious sport coats.

Alexander Wang
Tom Ford
Things get a bit more confounding when you learn that Marc Jacobs' uniform consists of a kilt, a button down shirt and a blazer. I won't even try to describe the ingredients that make up Karl Lagerfeld's uniform. I'll just show you the picture.

Marc Jacobs
Karl Lagerfeld
Of course one of the people most famous for his uniform was an architect of our lives, not our wardrobes.

Steve Jobs
So, my question to you: what would your uniform be? Post comments, please!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Style Icon: Erin Burnett

Erin Burnett is not your normal news anchor. She first came to my attention when she was featured in Vanity Fair with that other hot anchor woman, Maria Bartiromo, in 2008. Ms. Burnett's recent move from CNBC to CNN has once again put her in the spotlight. Anchors are known for their love of color. Few, however, are as bold as Ms. Burnett (below in a color-blocked, shift dress and nude patent Christian Louboutin pumps, OutFront premier, September 2011).

At the launch party of her show, OutFront
Ms. Burnett's CNN bio refers to her reporting style as being "casual and confident." Her fashion style, which favors fresh looking knits and sexy button down blouses over the usual anchor blazer, could be summed up the same way. I love this look and interview she gave to Forbes about her career and new role at CNN.
Featured in  Forbes, promoting OutFront
CNN Bio picture
As featured in Vanity Fair
On Meet the Press

Guest hosting The Today Show

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day Treats

Does your sweetheart need a hint for Valentine's Day? Slip him a few ideas. Petite Flowerbomb perfume lasts a lot longer than a fresh bouquet and how about some Brut Rosé to go along with your chocolates? Keep thinking pink with a springy pink flat from Gucci or a rose gold chandelier earring. Scroll to the bottom if you still need ideas for a seductive, not too obvious look for after dinner.
Rebecca Minkoff spend/save wallet, Rebecca Minkoff, $250
Gucci ballet flat, Saks, $395
Laurent Gandini rose gold drop earrings, Net-a-Porter, $1,680
Solange Azagury-Partridge love necklace, Net-a-Porter, $2,800
Prada tote bag, Saks, $1,730
Champagne and exotic truffles, Vosges Chocolate, $103
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume, Sephora, $50 

La Perla ingenue babydoll, La Perla, $327
Gucci suede and metallic leather sandal, Saks, $850

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lip Service

Lips, lips, lips...Lips are ubiquitous this spring. For those of you who remember the original Prada lip print, you'll be happy to know you can now satisfy your lip print craving at a much lower price point! Why not try a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch or iPhone case for $125 and $21 respectively? And if you are still regretting not buying that Prada lip print the first time around, I heard a rumor that they've reissued it.

Solange Azagury-Partridge ring, Net-a-Porter $1,500

Prada lip shoulder bag, Bergdorf Goodman $1,670

Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, Net-a-Porter $365

Marc by Marc Jacobs lip print watch, Net-a-Poter  $125
Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone case, Net-a-Porter $21
Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case, Net-a-Porter $40