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Thursday, July 26, 2012

What Are You Wearing to The Olympics?

Olympic fever is here. Opening Ceremonies take place Friday night. Will you be bringing your best Olympic fashion to the party? Ralph Lauren may be the official Olympic outfitter but Gap has come out with some incredibly cool vintage Olympic tees. I might have to get a men's tee in a size small as the selection is much better than the women's! Here are a few of my favorite Olympic fashion looks for the entire family.

Women's Vintage Olympic T's and Tanks from Gap, $25.00 to $30.00

Men's Vintage Olympic T's from Gap, $30.00

USA Women's Vintage Tank Top from Ralph Lauren, $50.00

USA London 2012 Flag T-Shirt from Ralph Lauren, $55.00

Team USA Graphic T's from The Children's Place, Clearance price$2.99

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sugar, Spice, and Something Nice: 5 Items Your Closet Can't Live Without

As pointed out to me by a client this week, I am a preacher of proactive shopping. Why? Because those last minute shopping jaunts are almost never successful and definitely not worth the stress factor. Which came first, the fabulous cocktail party to which you are invited, or the perfect dress you have hanging in your closet, ready to go at the last minute? Does it really matter? If you have to go shopping before saying yes to a fabulous invitation, you are definitely going to miss out on some of the finer moments in life.

Here are 5 items you should have ready to go in your closet at all times, lest a fabulous opportunity pass you by because you didn't have the right outfit. And for those of you who don't think that happens, I've heard many stories from clients and friends alike...

1. What's your Spice?

We should all have a go-to piece of Spice in our closet. What do I mean by "Spice"? I mean a piece that makes you feel and look special and sparkly! Speaking of sparkly, my favorite spicy piece right now is a sequined jacket. It doesn't have to be all gold and blingy or expensive either; mine is vintage with tiny ivory iridescent sequins. I bought it so long ago (probably in college) that I can't even remember where or when I bought it! Good thing this sort of thing never goes out of style. Your spicy piece could be a statement necklace that makes an all-black outfit chic and powerful instead of safe and boring, or a pair of shoes so fantastic that is almost doesn't matter what else you are wearing. The point is, if someone were to call you for a last minute dinner date or tickets to an awesome concert, could you be out the door, looking and feeling special and spicy, in 5 minutes?

Fabrizia Sequin Jacket from Nonoo, $495.00
As seen on Karen Elson in the most recent issue of Lucky Magazine

2. The Perfect Cocktail Dress

And no, it doesn't have to be black, but it could be. The purpose of this dress is that you know it fits, flatters and makes you feel good. This dress can be "dressed" up or down with shoes and accessories. Dressed up? Door-knocker earrings and metallic heels. Dressed down? Diamond studs, a blazer and a pair of leather pumps.

Vera Wang Lavender Draped Cocktail Dress from Neiman Marcus, $395.00
Why not try an inky navy instead of the usual black?

3. The 3 Ingredient Makeup bag

I feel like I always get stuck on a conference call or feeding the baby until 5 minutes before I need to run out the door, at which point I suddenly remember that I haven't put any makeup on. For these situations, you only need 3 steps in your makeup routine.

Step 1: Treat, moisturize, protect your skin from the sun, and provide coverage in one step with one of the new BB Creams. I can't wait to try the one from Dr. Brandt.
Step 2: Curl your eyelashes. I use a basic Tweezerman model. 
Step 3: Do you have the perfect bright lipstick? I'm partial to red or orange right now. The new color "balms" provide impactful color and moisture without looking too "made-up". You can (and should) put a little on your finger as a quick cream blush!

4. Jeans That Work Now

Jeans that will work well in 5 lbs do not count here. You must have a pair that fit you EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW. The structure of the jeans will actually make you feel more confident than anything else, I promise. The best part about a good pair of jeans? No Spanx required! Wear a cute cropped pair in the summer. Pair with a basic tank and your Spicy sequined jacket and run out the door!

5.  Essential Accessories

Heels you can walk in and a leather bag that works day or night. Don't argue, just buy them if you don't have them.

Carma Open Toe Air Sling from Cole Haan, $140.00
 Lauren Merkin Iris Snake-Embossed Clutch from Neiman Marcus, $395.00
These Cole Haan shoes have Nike Air technology and this Lauren Merkin bag goes with everything.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why (Almost) Every Girl in Yoga Class is Wearing Lululemon

If you are like me, and I'm sure you are not, you use your yoga class as a chance to check out other practitioners' outfits. I'm fascinated by what some consider practical and comfortable (loose cotton pants vs. black spandex), or stylish (matchy-matchy colors or all black), and how what one wears is indicative of a comfort level with the body.

I've always been aware that the more in-shape I feel and look, the tighter and smaller my yoga clothes become. However, no matter how good I've felt, even at the age of 25, I would never ever EVER consider baring my midriff. My version of daring is a tank top and shorts versus my usual short-sleeve tee and capri length yoga pants. Then I started taking yoga class with women in bathing suits. Allow me to explain...

Have you ever been to a Hot or Bikram yoga class? Hot yoga is hot but Bikram is like practicing yoga inside a furnace for 90 minutes. With every class I am more comfortable in fewer clothes, regardless of how I look. That is because you POUR sweat in these classes. A lot of men wear actual bathing suits and the women wear what look like bathing suits in order to stay as cool as possible. This got me thinking, what could one wear to stay as cool and comfortable as possible, while not baring all?

But I digress. The point here is that at some juncture in my yoga practice, I looked around and realized that 9 out of 10 people in any yoga class (men and women) were wearing something Lululemon, and I was person number 10! Having begun my practice before Lululemon became the gold standard of yoga clothing; I had just continued to do my own thing with regards to my yoga "wardrobe". I mean, what you are wearing is really not the point, right? However, staying cool and comfortable is always helpful and Lululemon has the right fabric combined with the best fit in the industry. This is why they sold over a billion dollars in merchandise last year and sell 95% of it at full price. That was not a typo. A billion dollars' worth of yoga clothes.... Yes, women will pay and do anything for pants that make their butt look good and that are cute enough to wear when not exercising. This is what Lululemon does best.

Lululemon's "exercise" clothes are so stylish and comfortable; it is getting hard to make some of my Mom clients wear anything else. I mean, why confront the denim monster post-baby when you could just live in Lululemon pants? The answer to that question is a whole other blog post and why I have such a successful business!

Here are a few of my favorite Lululemon pieces and suggestions on how to wear them.

Hot But Not Tank, $64.00
An interesting alternative to wearing a sports bra alone. Check out the back of this tank to see the genius of its shape.

Wandering Yogi Tank, $48.00
The perfect after-class layer over a skimpy or tight tank.

Cool Racerback, $48.00
I can alway tell when a woman is wearing a pre-baby tank by how short it is. Invest in some longer ones, please!

No Limits Tank, $64.00
Love the "loosey-goosey in the belly" property of this tank!

Turbo Run Shorts, $54.00
Shorts that keep you cool without looking like underwear. Check out how cute the tush is too!

Daily Gym Bag, $108.00
An gym bag nice enough to carry around the rest of the day.

Namaste Yoga Tote III, $38.00
You know I couldn't resist the neon of this mat bag!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Not Your Father's Custom Clothing (Happy Birthday, Dad!)

If you have a husband, boyfriend, father, or brother who could use some help in the sartorial department, you need to know about Alton Lane. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a special discount offer!

Just as a custom suit does not fit like any other suit, a visit to Alton Lane's bespoke atelier is not like most shopping experiences. One, you peruse the fabric and style choices at a fully stocked bar, and two, you get completely naked during the process. But more on that later...

My husband woke up one morning last week and had such a GIRL MOMENT, I almost had to laugh. Except that he was freaking out. Why do women freak out in the morning? Because THEY HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR. Between weight fluctuation, a delayed trip to the dry cleaner, and just plain old wear and tear on the suits he had been wearing, he really and truly had NOTHING TO WEAR. Of course, as a fashion stylist who lives to relieve others of these painful moments, I was devastated that this had happened on my watch. A plan was hatched to rebuild his wardrobe. Unlike my female clients, however, instant gratification would not be his. As long as we were going to rebuild his wardrobe, we decided to do it right and GO CUSTOM. Enter Alton Lane, both a fabulous value and a fabulous experience, even for the man who hates to shop.

A friend told us about Alton Lane (see it featured here in my Father's Day Gift Guide) after he had his wedding suit made there. He couldn't stop raving about the transparent pricing, process, and style of his new suit. After attending his wedding, I was hooked on the idea of bespoke tailoring for the modern man. With locations in New York and DC, as well as a virtual service, no man need be without a proper fitting suit!

Step 1: Choose fabric and cut for your suit. Prices start at $525 for a 2-piece suit.

Step 2: Pick super cool lining, piping and even contrast buttonhole stitching if you want. We chose pink piping with light blue lining for a navy suit.

Step 3: Body scan- naked! Good for figuring out overall body shape.

Step 4: Put on an Alton Lane shirt and pants in your approximate off-the-rack sizes while they take 12 measurements by hand.

Step 5: Suit arrives at your doorstep within 4-6 weeks. About 70% of clients need no alterations the first time around. For those that do, Alton Lane provides a list of tailors and reimburses you 120% of the tailoring cost, up to $100. Notes are then added to your account so your next suit is perfect.

Stay tuned for details of the final results!

Discount Alert!!! Does a man in your life need to experience proper fitting clothes? Real Life Style is lucky enough to have discount cards available for our readers. Book an appointment or order your suit online before July 30th, 2012 and you'll receive a $50 discount off your first suit! Want one? Post the details of your man's sartorial stress on my Facebook Page!