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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Real Life Style- Athletic Wear

Think the athletic wear trend isn't for you? We thought it would be fun to show you some outfits incorporating actual athletic wear, not just designer clothes that look like athletic wear. The upside? They cost a lot less than that Alexander Wang look you've been coveting. Let us know which pieces you are lusting after on Facebook or Twitter. Happy shopping!

The Office

Date Night

Adidas Sulina Shoes in Black - $50

Pedicure Date with the Girls

Work Coffee

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Must Have Shopping Stops for the Conscious Consumer

Wouldn't it be great if you could marry your love of fashion with your concern for the planet? Well, now you can with just a few clicks on some great new websites. Can't keep track of the many elements that go into creating a sustainable, ethical marketplace, much less spend time researching them? Issues include where the clothes are made (local vs. thousands of miles away), what they are made of (renewable fibers vs. ones that require toxic chemicals to create) and worker wages and safety. RLS has taken upon ourselves to help you navigate the sustainable marketplace by suggesting a few of our favorite fashionable shopping sites. Show us pictures of what you like on our Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram!


Started by a fashion stylist, Helpsy's editors and buyers have curated an impressive number of clothing and accessory brands that allow you to shop your favorite trends AND feel good about your purchase. The clothes sold on Helpsy are not the same boho tees and hippy skirts you see sold in the aisles of Whole Foods. Instead, you'll find edgy printed bathing suits and fun multicolored sneakers. And really, how great is the name Helpsy?


Founded as an alternative to today's "fast-fashion," Zady would like you to invest in a wardrobe of more timeless but still fashionable pieces that are made well enough to last. Respect your wardrobe, yourself and the planet. Sustainable or not, how cute is this baby Princess Leia onesy?! Have a fashionable friend whom you NEVER know what to buy? Zady gift cards come in multiple denominations.


Nisolo, a shoe company based in Nashville, offers simple, well-made, fashionable shoes for men and women. The company explains their philosophy so well that I just had to reprint it for you.

"We wanted simpler design. No more extraneous buckles and useless stitching. We wanted quality goods that could journey through urban streets and park trails. We wanted goods that made sense to our minds and to our pockets. We wanted the same effortless style that we get when we throw on our favorite pair of jeans. We wanted the same level of transparency that we get about the food we put in our bodies for the clothes we put on our bodies. We want our purchases to matter. We design products you want to live in. We source from experts with generations of experience. We treat our producers and customers with dignity. Lifestyle Matters."

Warby Parker 

For those of you in the market for a new pair of glasses, whether sunglasses or prescription, Warby Parker should be your first stop. The brand was started to create a less expensive but always fashionable alternative to the current eyewear market. In addition to these benefits, the company partners with nonprofits to provide one pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair of glasses they sell. To date, they have donated over 500,000 pairs of glasses.  Warby Parker describes their aesthetic as "vintage-inspired with a contemporary twist." Love it!

Spirit Beauty Lounge 

There is a sense of relief that comes from knowing those products you're slathering all over your eyes and face aren't full of formaldehyde, BPA, parabens and sulfates. Spirit Beauty Lounge only sells makeup and skincare that is not tested on animals, contains no hazardous ingredients, and has the highest percentage of organic ingredients. Bingo! My current fave is W3LL People Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara . It actually works really, really well. They also carry Tata Harper, an incredibly effective plant-based line from Vermont which gets a lot of press in magazines like Vogue. I'd love to try it but the prices are a little high for my usual beauty budget. Have any of you tried Tata Harper yet?

The Honest Company 

The Honest Company is one of my favorites. Founded by Jessica Alba, the company was created to bring safe, affordable, eco-friendly and attractive products to new parents. As soon as I saw that they sold diapers with skull-and-crossbones, I was sold. Max wears them almost exclusively. However, they also have strawberries, squirrels, ice cream cones, and peacock feathers! I was seriously hoping this baby might be a girl only so that I could finally get the strawberry diapers. So cute! Max and James also use the Honest Shampoo and Body Wash, which you can buy at Costco for a great deal.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The RLS Father's Day Gift Guide 2014

Ahh...the age old question: What to get Dad for Father's Day? Is a tie too predictable? Does he even have enough French cuff shirts for one more pair of cuff-links? Fancy brunch is nice but not when you have small children waiting impatiently for their food or cartoons on your iPhone or just to leave. Here are some of my favorite ideas for Father's Day gifts this year. My favorite idea is actually the edible one because it is the time together which counts most. Have a wonderful day and Happy Father's Day to all of the dads in my life!

Date Night with a Man Sundae

What is a "Man Sundae?" One that involves bourbon, of course! The Maker's Mark cherries and Cherry Republic Cherry Fudge Sauce are long-time faves of mine but the Bourbon Vanilla ice cream is a recent Whole Foods discovery. The bourbon flavors of the cherries and ice cream are subtle enough that a non-drinker like me can enjoy it as well as someone who is as big a fan of bourbon as my husband. 
I like this mini date-night idea because it does not involve a meal out that is hard to enjoy while taking care of the kids or hiring a babysitter. Put the kids to bed, order takeout, make sundae in 5 minutes. Your husband will be happy and there won't even be many dishes to do.


You can find this at Whole Foods!


"How many wallets does a man need?" you ask. Only one if it is this single sleeve wallet that is as cool as it is practical. Most men carry only a few credit cards (love that this pic shows a NYC Metrocard!), a little cash, and their phone. This wallet is just as small as it needs to be.


There's a watch, and then there is a watch with a "story". Shinola is a Detroit, Michigan based brand that exists to provide quality Made-in-America products and employment in an economically depressed city. Read more about Shinola in an interview on Forbes.com

Custom Suit

Let's be honest. Most men wouldn't know a well-fitting suit if they bumped into it. However, once they experience the fit and flattery of a custom suit, they will have a hard time going back to one of those chain stores. J. Hilburn uses the same fabric and factories as a lot of their designer counterparts, but without the designer price tag. My husband and clients are big fans.


Warby Parker burst onto the scene as a hip alternative to astronomically priced prescription eyeglasses. Originally an online only venture, the brand now has multiple retail locations across the country. Want to feel even better about looking cool and saving money? Warby Parker gives a pair of eyeglasses to a person in need every time you purchase a pair.


A tie too typical for your man? How about a denim tie with little bicycles on it? For the hipster dad or the dad who could use a little hip in his life, give him a whimsical, unexpected tie. We are fond of the camo and skull and crossbones designs in our house! Tie Bar allows you to indulge your whimsy for not much. 

The website gives you the option to see how a tie looks against different shirt and jacket combos! Very cool.

Do you have some great ideas too? Post them on my Facebook page! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cool Shades for Summer 2014

I LOVE sunglasses to the point where I can't function without them. My husband makes fun of me for wearing them even on cloudy days. "But the glare, the glare!" I will say. Although my obsession is born from necessity (my eyes have always been super sensitive to light), sunglasses have become a fun and ever present fashion accessory. I don't tend to spend a lot of money on my sunglasses because I lose them like there is no tomorrow. Therefore, I was super excited to discover a high quality line of eco-friendly sunglasses with 100% UVA/UVB protection. See below for pictures of me and Kyle in our new ICU EYEWEAR. There should be plenty of options for those of you who plan to invest in a good pair of glasses and those of you who are just looking for something fun and fashionable for the season. Stay cool!

 Golden Touch 

 Bold & Graphic 

Colored Plastic

 Rounded Cat-Eye 



 Black + White 


 Animal Appeal