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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wrap Yourself in Luxury and Comfort this Season

Autumn is the adjustment period--it's not winter, so you don't have to commit to bundling up just yet, but you still want to be cozy in the crisp air. Luckily, this fall's trends let you feel cozy while looking fabulous. I am in love with the textures and shapes of this season!

First, the flat shoe of the season is the smoking slipper, which I've explained here is the new ballet flat. It's fresh, good for day and night, and COMFORTABLE! No more ballet flats with that awkward scrunch in the heel. Second, the textures this season are all comfort-meets-luxury. I'm talking about soft furs and velvet. (If you don't believe in wearing fur, faux furs are available everywhere and are a great--and cheaper--option!) Here are a few great ways to incorporate these shapes and textures into your autumn wardrobe.

Charles Philip has been king of the smoking slipper this year. Run errands all day in these smoking slippers, a fur vest, and skinny jeans.

The Oxford shoe has been popular the last few seasons. This smoking slipper version of an Oxford makes it slightly more feminine and much more wearable. Be daring and try them with a cropped pant. 

Dress up a wild pair like these for a night out.

Want to combine the shoe shape of the season with the texture of the season? Try these awesome velvet smoking slippers with a silver-dip toe for a super cool look!

If you can't stay in your pajamas all day, wearing soft furs and velvet can be the next best thing. They move, keep you warm and comfortable, and give an easy look of luxury. If you really want to feel like you're wrapped in a blanket all day, go for a fur scarf. 

All season, I've been preaching the beauty of mixing materials. The faux shearling on this sweatshirt makes it appropriate for nighttime--just add some ring bling for a pop of color!

I love the texture, color, and shape of this blazer. THIS is how to wear velvet this season!

Remember all the amazing colored jeans I showed you a few weeks ago? Try these in velvet!

A velvet dress is so decadent. Pair it with gold and jewel tones for a Baroque look. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

C.Wonder is Opening Near YOU!

This post is a love letter to C.Wonder. Have you been lucky enough to wander into one of their stores in New York, California, or Atlanta? Probably not if you are in the D.C. area. Guess what? C. Wonder is opening a store in Tysons Corner (VA) and King of Prussia (PA) this November. The stores are a one-stop-shop for reasonably-priced clothing, accessories, and home decor items you WANT, like CRAZY WANT. Walking in, you feel like you've stepped into retail wonderland--it's your Pinterest boards come to life, it's your childhood tea party in the garden with a sophisticated twist. As they describe it, "C.Wonder is a shopping destination that transports women into a world of luxury and surprises."

So what can you really find at C.Wonder? Take a look at some of these super cool items:

A perfect piece for the season, this faux fur vest will complement any outfit this fall and make it instantly luxurious. 

A classic cardigan will last you for seasons, but if you're looking to get one that's a bit more exciting, try this timeless one in a gorgeous blue. 

If you're looking to achieve a classic look, throw on a set of pearls. If you want a modern, sexy twist on a classic look, throw on a set of pearls like this. 

How often do you try to dress in conservative, professional clothing and end up feeling stuffy and old? Throw on a funky bangle like this and feel youthful without compromising your professional look.

Stud earrings like these are an easy way to add color to any outfit or get your favorite color of the season. I love these in Boysenberry!

Break up, or complement, a monochromatic outfit with a colorful leather belt that won't break the bank. 

Have you started resenting your phone/tablet/computer because of the constant barrage of emails and reminders? Turn it into a friendly accessory with a chic case you can't take your eyes off. 

Designer wallets can be ridiculously expensive. This one is simple, chic, and only $68!

Pair your LBD with a bag that pops. I love this suede foldover clutch in electric blue!

Serving trays make great home accessories. Buy a small one and use it as a dresser-top display for jewelry and fragrance! 

Can you believe the breadth of C.Wonder's merchandise? I may have to break my ban on Tysons Corner this November...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Showdown at Paris Fashion Week

The fashion show season is over, unfortunately, but it ended with a bang at Paris Fashion Week. It looks like we'll be seeing a lot of whimsy in Spring/Summer 2013--did you catch the Chanel Hula Hoop bag or the fuzzy Celine shoes?

Never mind hula hoop bags, the excitement during Paris Fashion Week mostly revolved around the Hedi Slimane vs. Raf Simons showdown. Here's the background: Slimane, who has mostly been working as a photographer since he left Dior Homme, is the new creative director at Saint Laurent (the brand has lost the "Yves" under Slimane's direction). Simons is the new creative director at Dior. The two designers are the same age, have equally impressive credentials, are known as masters of minimalism, and head brands that have experienced major changes recently... so of course, the fashion media have pitted them against each other! But as it turned out, the designers showed that the style and direction they're taking their brands are completely dissimilar from each other. Here are some highlights:

Simons said he wanted his collection for Dior to "break free of the restriction of minimalism." That's good, since Dior has always been known for its "maximalism"!

Simons included an iridescent palette in this collection, often combined with asymmetrical lines. 

Simons gave a modern edge to the classic Dior Bar Jacket. 

It wouldn't be a Dior show without show-stopping ball gowns. 

Slimane's collection, which stayed true to the principles of the Saint Laurent brand, was well-received. He included a lot of bohemian-chic looks, which were compared to the style of uber-stylist and fashion designer Rachel Zoe

Can't you see Rachel Zoe wearing this patterned caftan and large-brimmed hat?

Slimane channeled 70's glam-rock in many of his gowns. Isn't this one so Stevie Nicks?

Slimane's tailoring skills have been showcased time and time again, and while this collection had a relaxed, 70's hippie rocker vibe, it still included sleek, tailored looks. 

Here are the designers themselves: 


Which collection is the object of your lust?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Boots Under $500

What would fall be without boots? Boots can be a practical basic or the missing link to making a statement with your outfit. Don't get it wrong! Although in style every year, the must-have looks change each season. Below is my list of must-haves for Fall 2012. As a bonus, all of them are under $500!

The equestrian look is a major trend this season, so a riding boot is a definite must-have. Try them over skinny jeans or cords, or under a maxi skirt. Frye boots are a classic, so don't worry about these ever going out of style.

With a simple two-tone look and rounded edges, this pair is effortlessly elegant. Try it with a plaid blazer for a Ladies & Gents look.

This riding boot has a little heel, which will make your legs look like you've been riding horses your whole life! The heel also keeps the look from overwhelming a smaller frame.

I know I have trouble getting tight, tall boots over my legs sometimes. Try a pair like these that has a stretch panel down the sides, giving you extra room in the calves. These look awesome in black too!

Out of the country, and into the city! The Moto (i.e. Motorcycle) boot is another must-have this season. Can't you just see this pair wandering the streets of Paris?

Leather, buckles, and studs... oh my! Who said Moto boots had to be black? I'd love these with an oversized, soft pink cashmere sweater...

You can even get the Moto look in rain boots! How cute are these?

One trend that never goes away is the cowboy boot. 

Cowboy boots can have higher heels, too! Take these for a night out as a comfortable alternative to spiked heel boots.

The final boot style is the bootie. Because of their low profile, these boots can go with maxi skirts, short skirts and tights, tucked-into jeans... you name it, they work!

The wedge bootie is one of the most important shoe shapes this season. Wear it with cropped pants and a blouse.

This heeled platform bootie shows femininity and power. Hands down, these are one of the sexiest, most affordable pairs out there!

Lastly, for those of you who have trouble getting boots to fit your calves, J.Crew, Cole Haan, and Zappos  have extended calf size boots.