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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Color it Right: Lani's Guide To The Colored Jean Trend

The Colored Jean Trend: everything to gain and nothing to fear! Some trends seem too expensive for only one season's worth of wearing. This is not one of them. Not only do colored jeans come at totally affordable prices but they seem to be sticking around. Don't be intimidated! I'll show you some great ways to wear them and take away your FEAR OF THE TREND. By the end of this post, you'll be wondering which color to buy first!

Let's start with neutral colors. A pale jean is a great foundation for any outfit--you can dress it up or down, and add pops of color or pattern without looking too busy.

Doesn't this neutral, earthy color look like autumn? Pair these cords with booties and sit down to enjoy a pumpkin spice latte!

One jean that a lot of women fear is the "winter white." Be fearless! Try them with bold pumps for a sleek nighttime look.

Want to have more fun with the trend? This flared jean would look great with chunky pumps.

When you think "brights," you probably think of summer. This fall is all about bright jewel tones!

Do the colorblocking thing with a bright blue jean on bottom and a pale blouse on top.

Even bright orange is fall-appropriate... think pumpkin orange, not Halloween orange!

Colored jeans in a muted tone are great for daytime. This pair is casual with a nice zipper detail.  Add a chambray blouse and you have the perfect errand-running outfit.

Try the color of the season, Oxblood, on jeans. Throw on a leather jacket for a tough-but-lovely look.

Back to basics: show that colored denim is not just for jeans by 
pairing a basic black jean with a colored denim jacket.

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