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Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Outfit Must-Haves & Cyber-Monday Deals!

After our inspiring brunch and shopping day, Rosa from Rosa Loves... and I decided to partner this week for a post about the pieces that would make killer holiday outfits. We both chose our favorite things, and I am so totally into Rosa's sparkly bobby pins! Yes, there is a lot of shimmer and glitter in our choices, but could you imagine dressing for New Year's Eve without any?

Don't wait too long to click through to your favorite items, the sales are happening today!

My Picks:

I am beyond obsessed with this Alexis Bittar necklace! It's big and practically has an entire story happening inside... talk about a statement necklace! (And if you visit Charm & Chain to purchase today, Cyber Monday, enter the code LOVEIT for 35% off sitewide!)

A sequined blazer is an easy, fun, comfortable way to make your outfit instantly festive. 

For a holiday party or New Year's Eve, carry a glittery clutch. This whole season has been about over-the-top bedazzling and whimsical, bold shapes, so a glitter box-clutch hits every trend. (On Cyber Monday, 30% off orders of $100+. Use code CYBER12 at henribendel.com.)

Rosa's Picks: 

Don't stop with a glittery clutch... add some glittery flats! Pair these with black denim and a velvet blazer for a casual but festive holiday look. (Visit madewell.com on Cyber Monday and use code TREAT for 25% off and free shipping!)

From wild-colored nails to crazy hair accessories, this season has found love in all of the details. Put in fun bobby pins for a quick way to spice up an outfit. 

Nothing tops off a holiday outfit like a sparkly ring. When you're holding a glass of champagne, why not give everyone something sparkly to stare at? (For 25% off and free shipping Cyber Monday only at jcrew.com, use code MONDAY!)

Fabulous graphics by Rosa!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday Special

Black Friday: you either love it or hate it. If you're in the "love it" party, this post is for you. A lot of the deals haven't been announced yet... but I'm all for spreading the word on a great deal, so here's what I've found so far (and if you know about more, feel free to mention them in the comments!).

Bloomingdale's is opening at 7am on Black Friday and will have steal-deals, like 25% off women's denim. However, they've started their deals already--including the designer handbag sale--in-store and online, so get shopping!

Shopbop.com also started their sales earlier this week--forget Cyber Monday, they're celebrating Cyber Week! Shop online and use the code BIGEVENT12 to save until 11:59pm on Monday. 

Remember my ode to C.Wonder? They win again, this time by doing a half-off sale between midnight and 8am on Black Friday, and 25% off purchases $100+ from Saturday to Monday. Now there's really no excuse to check out this amazing store!

Target is giving shoppers a head start by opening at 9pm on Thanksgiving. Here's a preview of their great deals: 

Banana Republic already has a lot on sale for 40% off, and that sale will continue until Black Friday is over. Need a new coat? This might be your best bet!

If beauty is your focus, check out Nordstrom. Bobbi Brown is holding the Pretty Powerful Event, where you can get a make-up lesson and a Pretty Powerful tote bag with purchases $50+. There will also be discounts on Chanel, MAC, L'Occitane, and other great beauty brands. 

For more Black Friday beauty finds, check out MAC. They'll be previewing their new Taste Temptation collection at Macy's MAC counters, and from 12pm to 4am at the Times Square location and online, you can find this exclusive nail polish and lipstick duo. 

H&M will have sweaters and dresses starting at $5, outerwear, kid's jackets, and pants starting at $10. Street locations will open at midnight. 

Were you inspired by my post on JCP (JC Penney) to find those inexpensive, on-trend items we all need? On Black Friday, JCP will open at 6am and you can find stylish boots starting at $25 and coats starting at $40. 

And if you're looking to tackle BlackFriday with some digital help, use mobile apps to shop instead. To buy shoes, use the Zappos mobile app: 


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Get Your 15 Minutes of Fame with the NARS Andy Warhol Collection

You know how I promote trends in fashion because they are a great tool to get one excited to get dressed every day? Well, an eyeshadow palette is what is getting me excited to put on makeup these days! Beauty is literally art with the Andy Warhol-inspired collection from NARS Cosmetics. This collaboration was a natural match for Francois Nars, who said that he has been very influenced by Warhol's sense of rebellion and playfulness with color even before this collaboration.

The collection includes eye shadow palettes, lip gloss, nail polish, and beauty sets--and they sell for no more than regular NARS products! Each item is named after Warhol's factory, quotations, or creations, which makes them extra glamorous. So really, the only problem is that the products are so beautiful that I don't want to use them! Last month, Sephora and narscosmetics.com launched part of the line, and now the full line will be carried in department stores until January 15. Each department store carries exclusive products from the line... as if we needed another reason to keep shopping around! Check out some of the amazing pop-art make-up and channel your inner Superstar:

Warhol in the photobooth: classic. This set of nail polishes would make a great holiday gift for any glamour girl. 
Photo Booth Nail Set $35


NARS perfected this self-portrait eye shadow palette (which comes in three colors) by making sure that the design goes all the way to the bottom--can we call that "art preservation"?

Eyeshadow Palette $55

This amazing beauty set is one of Saks' exclusive products. No, the case isn't big enough for your iPad... I already checked!

The flower palette is exclusive to Sephora. It comes in three colors, like the self-portrait, and each color set has its own awesome Warhol quote etched in the mirror! This one is my favorite...

Debbie Harry's silkscreen portrait is one of Warhol's most iconic works, so it makes sense that it gets an entire eye and cheek palette. This is also one of Sephora's exclusive sets.

Warhol worshipped Marilyn Monroe's lips. With these lip glosses, everyone will envy your lips!

Be a "Superstar" with this on-trend teal polish. 

The line wouldn't be complete without the Factory Girl herself. This beauty set mixes thin & dark, shimmery & light, and flirty & innocent--just like Edie!

And if you want the whole "Factory Look," check out these Get The Look videos on narscosmestics.com!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brunch And Shopping, My Two Favorite Sports

Every week, I read the Rosa Loves... blog detailing the scrumptious brunch she has eaten, complete with scrumptious pictures. Between our work and travel schedules, it took us many months to make a brunch date together! This last weekend, we finally made it to the fabulous Dino Restaurant in Cleveland Park. See Rosa's post detailing her super fabulous outfit and our meal. For those of you who are too busy to click, see below for a picture of the Spiced Nutella French Toast we both ordered. Heavenly is too mild of a description for this decadent dish. By the way, all pictures in this post are by Rosa.

Rosa had a Mimosa. I had to go all out and have a White Peach Bellini. Yum!!!

Rosa being Rosa and me being me, we had to go shopping afterward! My absolute favorite store in DC/the whole world for gifts (my second favorite is Dalton Brody) is Wake Up Little Suzie in Cleveland Park. Conveniently, it is just down the block from Dino. They have an incredible selection of interesting jewelry, novelty gifts, and home and fashion accessories. There is something for EVERYONE at this awesome store. Hannukah is super early this year, so I was thrilled to get a head start on my holiday shopping!

How cute is this felt clutch? And it is sooo reasonably priced!

I took a picture of this necklace for a client. Can you believe it is made by the same company who manufactures buttons for some of the Haute Couture houses?

I have to stop now or I'm going to give away the holiday gifts of some people who read this blog! I'll definitely be going back to Wake Up Little Suzie again to finish my shopping before the holidays and drag a few clients in to buy unique, well-priced jewelry for their everyday wardrobes. I might even have to do a repeat brunch at Dino beforehand...dreaming of Nutella...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Guest Post From My Unfashionable (But Not Evil) Twin

This week I have a guest post for you from Natasha Nadel, my identical, unfashionable, (but not evil) twin sister.


4 Tips For The Naturally Unfashionable

"You're talking to the wrong twin." This is my response when my husband or friends ask if something looks good on them or if their outfit matches. We may have come from the same egg, but we didn't come from the same closet. Here's my take on this whole style thing.
Have no fear. Whether you stare into the mirror and have no idea if something fits or flatters you; or have recently changed weight and don’t know how to dress your new body, there’s hope for you! How do I know? Because there is hope for me! Lani and I were joking the other day that when it comes to fashion, she just can’t teach me to fish on my own!
I know we’re not all blessed to have a fashion stylist as an identical twin sister. But unfortunately I’m not a wealthy celebrity who can just move her into my house to help every morning when I get dressed. That, and her family might mind… So I’ve had to come up with a new way to cope on my own.
I have a new personal motto: KISS (Keep it Simple and you too can be Stylish).
Tip #1
Don’t buy anything that can’t be returned and always keep your receipt! Smart phones have helped my situation considerably because I can now just take a picture of the shoes or shirt I’m asking about in the store and send it to her. I say "asking about", and not "unsure of", because sometimes I'm sure but Lani is horrified by my purchase. However, she does run her own business and is not always available at my beck and call!
Tip #2
Have a signature piece of clothing. Lani has blogged about the idea of a personal uniform. That makes sense to me. But how to get there? I was helping someone the other day with her novel and talking about creating strong characters for the book. One suggestion? What is your character’s signature piece of clothing? Biker boots? A motorcycle jacket? A cashmere cardigan? Dreadlocks? Stilettos? A while back my sister told me my "mom uniform" should be a blazer with jeans so that I always looked and felt "put-together". I get that but I’m just not comfortable in structured clothes like blazers unless I’m in an office for the day. Enter this season’s sweatshirt blazers and cardigans. Every day now I start with what cardigan or soft jacket I want to wear and build my outfit from there. Just add shirt and bottom for an instant outfit.

Tip #3

Have your go-to simple jewelry…and your funky chunky bracelet for when you are just going to wear all black (ditto on dangly sparkly earrings-but never with glasses-says Lani). Jewelry is usually too complicated for me so I don’t really try unless I have my expert (Lani) on hand. I just wear my push prize II diamond circle necklace and maybe (if I’m getting fancy) my push prize I bracelet.
Tip #4
Find your Lani! Since she can’t always be with us (although she does work via Skype), you'll have to find a stand-in. Everyone has a stylish friend, or at least one who will be honest about how your butt looks in your new jeans. Just make sure it is one who won’t take out their own insecurities on you. Guess who taught me that?
P.S. from Lani
Think my sis is a riot? Want to read more? Sign up for her new blog, "Healthy Family, Healthy You" here