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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brunch And Shopping, My Two Favorite Sports

Every week, I read the Rosa Loves... blog detailing the scrumptious brunch she has eaten, complete with scrumptious pictures. Between our work and travel schedules, it took us many months to make a brunch date together! This last weekend, we finally made it to the fabulous Dino Restaurant in Cleveland Park. See Rosa's post detailing her super fabulous outfit and our meal. For those of you who are too busy to click, see below for a picture of the Spiced Nutella French Toast we both ordered. Heavenly is too mild of a description for this decadent dish. By the way, all pictures in this post are by Rosa.

Rosa had a Mimosa. I had to go all out and have a White Peach Bellini. Yum!!!

Rosa being Rosa and me being me, we had to go shopping afterward! My absolute favorite store in DC/the whole world for gifts (my second favorite is Dalton Brody) is Wake Up Little Suzie in Cleveland Park. Conveniently, it is just down the block from Dino. They have an incredible selection of interesting jewelry, novelty gifts, and home and fashion accessories. There is something for EVERYONE at this awesome store. Hannukah is super early this year, so I was thrilled to get a head start on my holiday shopping!

How cute is this felt clutch? And it is sooo reasonably priced!

I took a picture of this necklace for a client. Can you believe it is made by the same company who manufactures buttons for some of the Haute Couture houses?

I have to stop now or I'm going to give away the holiday gifts of some people who read this blog! I'll definitely be going back to Wake Up Little Suzie again to finish my shopping before the holidays and drag a few clients in to buy unique, well-priced jewelry for their everyday wardrobes. I might even have to do a repeat brunch at Dino beforehand...dreaming of Nutella...

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