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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wearable Tech Finally Gets Fashionable-The Apple Watch

Most fashion editors and journalists may have an iPhone and iPad on them at all times, but they aren't usually invited to Apple's launch events. This year was different. The first hint that something fashionable was brewing at Apple came when the company hired Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry, as well as Paul Deneve, former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent. After that the Apple watch was pretty much the worst kept secret in fashion and technology put together. 

The launch of three distinct collections – Apple Watch, Sport and Apple Watch Edition – mimicked the tiered distribution strategy of major fashion brands, with each collection aimed at a different demographic. The Apple Watch Edition is clearly targeted towards the flashy fashionista type. Can't you just see Kanye West flashing the most expensive version in his next music video?

The Apple Watch Edition is rumored to cost around $1,200.

As Vogue put it, "Ironically, it was the mass adoption of the habit of carrying cell phones that almost threatened to make the wearing of watches seem obsolete. All functionality aside, the Apple Watch is being launched as a personalizable object of beauty—a thing aimed to go straight to the centers of the brain where our lust for luxury and showing off reside."

As someone who never stopped wearing a watch, (and is need of a new one, hint hint husband...), I am especially excited about the fashion component of the watch. Who remembers the iPod Nano watch? Basically, Apple just made a black rubber watch-type band to hold the Nano, and added watch faces to it. I did receive the most compliments on it from fashion types as it looked like a futuristic cell-phone watch. Unfortunately, the menu button on the Nano broke after a bit and now I can't use the watch part unless I purchase a new Nano. An expensive but fun toy was the verdict. And I'm more than a bit annoyed at its short life span. Other smart watches have not delivered on their promises and are still seen as more of a gimmick than a true necessity.

But this...this is different. 18K gold? Leather straps? Multiple choices from the watch to the bands? This is not a futuristic toy. The future is here and it is fashionable! And practical. The underside is fitted with four lenses which monitor bodily functions for health- and fitness-tracking programs. The watch is also able to make credit card payments and open emails. You can also choose between a myriad of watch "face" options. $349, the price of a basic model, is not bad for a watch that gives you many looks at the touch of the screen, much less checks your email!

My current verdict? Buy it. What do others in fashion have to say about it? 

“What the Swiss did was marry quality and craftsmanship with precision time-telling. If we’re looking for those qualities in the digital era, that’s what the Apple watch is about," said Joe Zee, Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo Style. “I didn't think I was going to wear it pre-announcement, and now, absolutely, I like the practicality of it. I’m also a tech geek at heart, so for that reason alone, I would wear it.”

"I think it's going to be huge," said Joanna Coles, Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief, who hopes Apple will release a diamond version. "People can find out about themselves. They think it will tell them something about themselves, they're going to love it." 

"It's kind of dorky," said model and TV host Alexa Chung. “I would absolutely not rock it,"

Bonus: Scarf Guy

My favorite part of the whole thing? Scarf guy of course! A man in an infinity scarf, with a desperate need for a makeover. Were they baiting all those invited fashion editors just to get more press? I think so.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Your Most Important Purchase for Fall 2014 - The RLS Outerwear Guide

What is your most important purchase for Fall 2014, you ask? A new coat! Every so many years the silhouette of coats goes ALL the way the OTHER way. That time is now! Coats are BIG and BRIGHT. So pick up your credit card and start shopping. 

Quick note about the lack of a blog last week for my loyal readers. As noted in previous posts, we are hard at work over here at RLS on a new blog and website. We did not put a blog up because the new site was about to go live and we didn't want any snafus when we sent out the blog. And then guess what happened? A big snafu! So, no new website quite yet. To make up for it, our Fall 2014 Outerwear Guide is very comprehensive!

Thanks for your patience peeps and we promise you something new and fabulous very soon. If you think you can't wait, imagine how we feel! 

Boyfriend Style 


The Fall Runway Colors: Cornflower Blue, Forest Green, Orange

Bomber Jackets

Fun Fur

Ladylike Coats

Chic Puffers 

Robe Coats 


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Real Life Style Fall Events and Lani's Fave Emmy Dress

Real Life Style has some fun fall shopping events coming up! Join us on September 17th at the Theory store at Leesburg Outlets in Leesburg, VA and again on October 18th at Neiman Marcus Friendship Heights. Keep reading for more details and scroll down for Lani's favorite dress from this week's Emmy Awards.

Theory Leesburg Outlets - September 17th

Fall Shopping Preview with Theory Leesburg

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 - 12:00 PM

Theory Outlet @ Leesburg
241 Fort Evans Rd NE
Leesburg, VA 20176

Enjoy an afternoon of fall shopping at Theory Leesburg with Lani! Meet Personal Stylist Lani Inlander of Real Life Style as she shows you her favorite Theory classics and new releases. Lani will be giving personal style makeovers and advice about how to dress for the upcoming season.

Theory will also be offering a 20% off discounts to guests who present an invitation at checkout. Real Life Style will be sending out the official invite to all blog subscribers next week. Not a subscriber? Join now!

Neiman Marcus Mazza Gallerie: Get Fit and Feel Fabulous - October 18th

Neiman Marcus Mazza Gallerie presents: Get Fit and Feel Fabulous!

Saturday, October 18th, 2014 - 12:00 PM

5300 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20015

Join Lani Inlander of Real Life Style as she reviews her favorite fall trends. After her presentation, there will be complimentary bra fittings by Neiman Marcus' Lingerie Extraordinaire and Lani's favorite bra fitter, Cynthia Hanson. Enjoy refreshments and mingle as you peruse Lani's picks from the Neiman Marcus fall collection.

Lani's Favorite Emmy Dress

Lately I have found awards' show dresses a big yawn of red, black and white. However, I perked up big time when I saw Anna Camp's ethereal confection from designer Lorena Sarbu. I didn't actually watch the Emmys because who has time to watch TV, but I enjoyed the recap of the best dresses on Vogue.com!

Hope to see you at one of our fall shopping events! Shoot us an email if you have any questions or want to schedule your own event at home or at a retail store.