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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Time to Switch Over Your Closet for Fall

September 23rd marked the official first day of fall. Now that the temperature is dipping below 60 degrees, it is time to start turning over our closets for the season. Of course, as many DC residents know, the weather is ever changing here. It's not unusual to have an 80 degree weekend in the middle of October! So how do you know what to put away until next spring and what to keep around a little longer? Let RLS guide you through the process! 


Can one leave certain items in their closet longer in DC than places like New York and Boston? Yes. The weather justifies leaving what I like to call "transitional" pieces in the wardrobe longer if not all season. However, to be clear, linen is not a transitional item. Linen goes away after Labor Day! The only exception? A 90 degree day in September. Otherwise, linen will cause you to look out of place and seasonally-challenged. I usually have to cajole my husband to put away the linen in early October, but after over 4 years of marriage, this year he actually did it himself the second week of September.


What is it about men in DC and their shorts? Take a quick drive down M Street in Georgetown and you're bound to see a boy that looks like the one in this picture, even in 65 degree October! You may want to keep one or two pairs of shorts in the drawer after Labor day, but try to reserve them for a sunny, 80 degree Saturday. This means you too, Mr. Real Life Style! 


Once September hits, there is an awkward period of time when you are not sure if you should be wearing sandals or boots. In my opinion, sandals are okay in DC throughout September, but only keep out one or two of your best pairs. However, on a particularly chilly morning, your ankle booties may be a better choice. Other stellar fall shoe options include smoking loafers and fashion sneakers.

Down Coats

65 degrees is NOT an appropriate temperature for a down coat! Use the fall weather to take advantage of much more fashionable options. How about a leather jacket or a bomber? Layer appropriately and you will be warm AND fashionable.


It's nearing the end of September and I can officially say that I have started pulling out the heavier knits from my winter stash. Knit sweaters are especially in style this fall, as seen on the runways of Stella McCartney and Michael Kors.

Sleeveless Blouses

Yes, your gorgeous sleeveless blouses can be worn year round. But be sure to add a chic layer on top such as a cardigan, blazer or leather jacket.

Happy Fall!

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