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Thursday, October 18, 2012

C.Wonder is Opening Near YOU!

This post is a love letter to C.Wonder. Have you been lucky enough to wander into one of their stores in New York, California, or Atlanta? Probably not if you are in the D.C. area. Guess what? C. Wonder is opening a store in Tysons Corner (VA) and King of Prussia (PA) this November. The stores are a one-stop-shop for reasonably-priced clothing, accessories, and home decor items you WANT, like CRAZY WANT. Walking in, you feel like you've stepped into retail wonderland--it's your Pinterest boards come to life, it's your childhood tea party in the garden with a sophisticated twist. As they describe it, "C.Wonder is a shopping destination that transports women into a world of luxury and surprises."

So what can you really find at C.Wonder? Take a look at some of these super cool items:

A perfect piece for the season, this faux fur vest will complement any outfit this fall and make it instantly luxurious. 

A classic cardigan will last you for seasons, but if you're looking to get one that's a bit more exciting, try this timeless one in a gorgeous blue. 

If you're looking to achieve a classic look, throw on a set of pearls. If you want a modern, sexy twist on a classic look, throw on a set of pearls like this. 

How often do you try to dress in conservative, professional clothing and end up feeling stuffy and old? Throw on a funky bangle like this and feel youthful without compromising your professional look.

Stud earrings like these are an easy way to add color to any outfit or get your favorite color of the season. I love these in Boysenberry!

Break up, or complement, a monochromatic outfit with a colorful leather belt that won't break the bank. 

Have you started resenting your phone/tablet/computer because of the constant barrage of emails and reminders? Turn it into a friendly accessory with a chic case you can't take your eyes off. 

Designer wallets can be ridiculously expensive. This one is simple, chic, and only $68!

Pair your LBD with a bag that pops. I love this suede foldover clutch in electric blue!

Serving trays make great home accessories. Buy a small one and use it as a dresser-top display for jewelry and fragrance! 

Can you believe the breadth of C.Wonder's merchandise? I may have to break my ban on Tysons Corner this November...

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