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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall Favorites

Letting go of summer is never easy, but at least we have Fall Fashion to help us! Each new fashion season is about reinventing the old, and finding a new way to wear your favorite materials, patterns, or shapes. However, this season is remarkably innovative, and it's exciting for an old hat like me. Here are some of my Fall Favorites:

The LBD is a classic, but this futuristic contour dress will give you curves where you want them.

The last post was all about my favorite fall bags. This could have made the list but I was saving it for this week! It's a simple tote, but the incredible pattern is what this season is all about. And I love birds! Hmmm... My birthday is coming up...

The dinner jacket has been done over and over again, but this sequined jacket is new and sexy with a cool vintage feel. I want it!

Leather, leather, leather. It's always in style, but this fall, we're seeing it all over, head to toe. Try it in a tee! Luckily, I already have a black one from last year...

Or for a more reasonably priced leather piece, try the contrasting sleeve trend! This is one of the best deals of the season. 

Even leggings are getting the leather treatment. 

The new black pant? The black maxi skirt. 

Cropped pants aren't just for spring/summer. Pair them with booties, or the latest trend, wedge sneakers, and embrace the autumn chill!

It wouldn't be fall without a new sweater. This season, I love sweaters that mix in a little fur.

Let velvet slippers replace your tired ballet flats. This new shape goes with everything, and the rubber bottom makes them comfortable for all-day wear.

This aged grey color freshens up the classic short leather boot.

The classic riding boot nails the equestrian trend that I love so much this season. Of course, I've been wearing them myself for the last five fall seasons because I'm a glutton for comfort. 

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