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Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Year, A Chance for a New You (And Me)

I hope everyone had a great holiday week! You might have noticed that I did not post a blog last week. Usually, I pretend not to work when I leave town. This time, I kept my resolve and really didn't except for some emergency FedEx mishaps that needed to be dealt with. Instead, I enjoyed the last week of Max's first year with us and spent quality time with family. Sorry to all of the friends I did not call!

I'm not usually a New Year's resolution list kind of girl, but I was inspired by the lessons I've learned this last year, my first as a Mom. My first blog of 2012 questioned whether or not I would be able to practice what I'd been preaching to my Mom clients for years, not to forget to take care of themselves along the way. So before the resolutions for this year come the lessons learned from this past one.

7 Lessons Learned (In my first year as a Mom)

  1. I now know it is ludicrous to tell my Mom clients to put themselves first. Instead, I work with them to make beauty and style (a big frustration for those with no time or sleep!) easy peasy!
  2. Prioritize your sanity over the environment for the first few years. Don't take 10 months to be okay with paper plates, as I did. You were right, Mom!
  3. If the takeout is good enough, no one cares if you didn't cook. Especially if you add a salad with homemade dressing and an exotic ingredient, such as pomegranate seeds. Luckily, I live across the street from 2 Amy's, the best Neapolitan pizza in DC!
  4. Being able to walk out the door with wet hair and still look like you spent half an hour blow drying it is priceless. Spend the time and money on Keratin treatments and a good haircut. 
  5. Keep shopping. Don't decide you'll buy new clothes "when you've lost the weight." Buy a new top that fits and makes you feel cute once a month as your size continually changes. It could cost $15 at H&M but inspires you to schedule a much needed night out. 
  6. Don't forget about your husband! Ok, easier said than done, but a subscription to a theatre series ensures that we have a date night at least once in a while and exercise our baby brains with a little culture. 
  7. Putting on concealer actually makes me feel less tired. Bright lipstick adds another hour of sleep to your face. See my beauty obsessions blog here.
Now for the Resolutions...
A New Year's Resolution List (Suggested)

1. Get a pedicure and a massage at least once a quarter. See my new favorite polish! Like Ruby Slippers for your toes...
2. Remember that I deserve the above
3. Keep spending a lot of money on my hair
4. No yoga pants unless I'm actually doing yoga
5. Do more yoga. Looking for cute yoga pants? See blog on what every girl in yoga class is wearing.
6. Spend money on important things (like the world's most expensive 1st birthday cake!)
7. Spend less money at Whole Foods by going to Trader Joe's instead
8. Accept all invitations for fun activities, regardless of how tired I am or how much work I have
9. Wear more red lipstick. Tom Ford lipstick is perfection!
10. Last but not least: Be grateful every minute for my beautiful family and the ability to live a life doing what I love, empowering women to feel good about themselves through fashion and style

And a bonus resolution: 
Be kind to yourself when you deviate from your list!

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