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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to Dress Your Man For Spring 2013

This post is for the men in your life (and my loyal male readers!). Do you know what your man should be wearing this spring?  A slim fit, a tailored look, and lots of color are just a few highlights. Here are some more suggestions:

Haven't you heard? The suit is back.  Try the new soft suit look to go from day to a cool night out on the town. Think Richard Gere wearing Armani in American Gigolo.

3-piece suits have also come back. My husband has one from Suit Supply as well as one from J. Hilburn and he gets MAD compliments on this dandy look.

When you wear a suit for a more formal occasion, go for a slim fit. Notice the narrow lapel.

Short, double-breasted jackets are all the rage. Seriously.

Let's talk casual. Cargo shorts are a staple in so many men's style diets... this spring, they're on trend! Pair them with boat shoes or loafers for a clean look. And if you loved plaid as a trend last fall, you're in luck because it's still in style!

As far as casual jackets are concerned, go for the bomber. It's perfect over jeans and sneakers.

Dusty pales are a newer color trend for men. Stripes continue to be...everywhere. Love this shirt with a pocket. Pair with a pale short--remember, shorts don't always have to be khaki!

Don't get washed out by all of the pales. Add a bright every now and then!

I thought it would never happen, but all denim looks are back! Put your own spin on it with a faded blue linen shirt and matching jeans.

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