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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rainy Day Style

Were you prepared for the rain this week? Real Life Style has found the coolest raincoats on the block to inspire your next rainy day look. Think your umbrella should be functional and make you smile? We found a few fun ones for you, including my personal favorite, the one from Liberty of London. Too hot for rainboots in the summer? How about a short, glossy pair in a bright color? Better yet, have you bought the RLS endorsed best rain shoes ever? They come in a million styles and colors at a reasonable price, so you can match all of your rainy day looks!


Wanda Nylon Raincoat, $380

How fun is this Wanda Nylon coat? I would love it over a bright colored dress.

This Lanvin coat is part of my fantasy rainy day outfit.


Liberty London Undercover, $77.10

My favorite: Liberty prints!

Goggles Umbrella, $56

(You can see where you're going with this umbrella!)

Rain Boots

Tretorn Plask Mid in Sea Spray, $69

Heavy duty but with a wedge!

Hunter Original Short Gloss Rain Boots, $91

The classic Hunter boot with a shorter shaft- made for humid summer rain.

I love these fun flamingo boots with the clear heel! The bright colors will stand out on dreary days.

These must be the chicest rain boots ever. And they're on sale!

These biker boots will look great with a trench and skinny jeans.

Last, but certainly not least, are my tried and true rain flats. I buy these for all of my clients as the perfect summer rain solution. No need to wear clunky rain boots to work! I own mine in black, but at only $38, you can get your basics and your brights to match anything.

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