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Thursday, July 3, 2014

It's a DIY Fourth of July!

It's a DIY Fourth of July here at RLS! Kyle, my right-hand woman, found this awesome DIY guide to making your own "designer" sport slides without the designer price tag on the Love Aesthetics blog. Intern Teta then did an awesome job making a pair for herself as well as one for Kyle. Wait, where are mine?! 

Keep reading to see Kyle's latest DIY nail polish job and Olivia Palermo's DIY wedding outfit. Well ok, DIY with the help of Carolina Herrera. Happy Fourth of July everyone!

"Designer" Sports Slides

Sandals inspired by this blog post

What you need:

a pair of slides
measuring tape or ruler
hot glue


1. Measure the sandal top and cut it out. 

2. Once you have one side done, you can trace it onto the leather but make sure it's mirrored so that you have a right and left side.

3. Test it and make sure they cover the tops of the sandals. Cut off excess leather if needed.

4. Using a hot glue gun, glue the ends of the strip. Try not to glue the top to avoid lumps unless you can do it smoothly.

5. Voila! Now do the next sandal!

6. And you're done! Simple!

Olivia Palermo's Wedding

Olivia Palermo wore Carolina Herrera separates on her wedding day! What do you think of the look?

Read about the wedding day and the outfit. Check out the blue shoes too!

© by Johannes Huebl

© by Johannes Huebl

Fourth of July Nails

Kye is infamous among clients for her always creative, always classy nail designs. Check out the look she created for the Fourth of July!

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