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Thursday, August 23, 2012

What Kind of Bag Does Your Man Carry?

What kind of bag does your man carry? Or, gentlemen, what does your bag say about you? The mark of a recent male college graduate is the nylon backpack they use to carry their laptop and/or gym clothes to and from the office. The mark of a mature man is a gorgeous leather messenger bag. Below are some of my favorite "man bag" options. Most of these bags have added features such as a padded section for your tablet or laptop. And for those of you who need a laptop backpack for ergonomic reasons, I've found the coolest one ever! Start scrolling!

Just need a place for your water bottle, tablet, and a snack? This compact bag is rugged enough to be cool but still appropriate enough to bring to the office.

Fossil Estate Canvas City Bag in Olive, $108.00

The shiny textured surface of this black leather option is terrific both for someone in a creative field such as advertising, and someone in a more formal field such as banking.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Simple Leather Robbie G Messenger Bag, $500.00

Another greater "commuter bag" for someone who doesn't need to carry a laptop back and forth.

Mulberry Antony Large Leather Messenger Bag, $780.00

The epitome of a "gorgeous leather messenger bag." Love this one for travel especially!

Dunhill Leather Messenger Bag, $900.00

Cool AND luxurious, this Mulberry bag reminds me of an old fashioned briefcase yet can handle the weight of a laptop.

Mulberry Ted Leather Satchel, $1,350.00

Love the price and the beat-up cool of this Frye messenger bag. Note to self: buy some Frye boots for Fall!

Frye 'Logan' Messenger Bag, $448.00

This Tumi bag is a tremendous value, comes in multiple colors, and has a padded area for a tablet.

Tumi 'Centro-Verona' Messenger Bag in Navy, $375.00

Cool AND cheap! Must have! Check out the entire Abingdon line.

Abingdon Laptop Bag, $98.00

So sophisticated!

Montague Leather Satchel, $298.00

The Ultimate Laptop backpack.

Tumi Dror Backpack, $595.00

This Gap bag is perfect to stuff your gym clothes into.

Nylon Buckle Cross Body Bag, $70.00

Another sophisticated option for a gym bag that doesn't look like a gym bag.

Ralph Lauren Scrape Canvas Messenger Bag, $70.00


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