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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Un-meltable Summer Looks

As my 4 year-old niece has been saying all summer, "I'm so sweaty!" So how do you stay cool as a cucumber during a week (or has it been a month) long stretch of 95 plus degree days? Air conditioning. But really, you don't have to give up looking tasteful and stylish as the temperature heads toward melting. All you need is a cute dress and sophisticated sandals. Add accessories at will. I'm sticking with Cheap and Cheerful looks this week as you don't want to sweat through anything too precious.

The biggest fashion don't for work in the summer? FLIP-FLOPS! I repeat, NO FLIP FLOPS! Thank you, I feel better now :).

Skater Dress with Chiffon Collar and Belt from ASOS, $37.00 with Nine West Fastlife Platform from Zappos, $63.00

Skater Dress In Kiss Print from ASOS, $37.00 with Precisely Sandal from Nine West, $39.00

Master Printmaker Dress from Modcloth, $45.00 with Steve Madden Achilees from Zappos, $43.00

Tribal Print Sweetheart Dress from Forever 21, $23.00 with Clarks Thimble Clover from Zappos, $71.00

1 comment:

  1. Can't agree more about flip-flops to work. I don't like them on city streets at all. Haven't seen any gladiators this summer, where are they? They never go out of style IMHO. Great selections you've got there. Clarks is starting to get it.