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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Top Twelve Gifts for the Men in Your Life

In last week's holiday gift guide, we brought you Ten Cheerful Gifts for the Holiday Host or Hostess. For this week's post, we present the top picks for the men in your life. Whether it be your husband, your brother, or your dad, we've got the best gifts for the pickiest guy on your list. Look out for next week's post with gifts for women. Happy holiday shopping!

Is the man in your life addicted to his iPhone? These gloves are not only made with high-quality leather and lined with cashmere, but they also have flip-back technology on the thumb and pointer finger for touchscreen use!

The self-proclaimed "Netflix of ties," Freshneck is perfect for the fashion-obsessed man in your life. Simply choose from their selection of ties, pocket squares, and other accessories, add your favorites to your "queue," then receive your top three in the mail and wear all you want! Whenever you decide you're ready for some "fresh" looks, mail them back and receive the next three ties from your queue. 

For the man who needs help curating a trendy new look, choose from one of the many gift sets from Everett. Choose from more simple, solid colors or go all out with camo print or paisleys. I love that they come pre-packaged in a cigar box!

Armstrong and Wilson Pocket Squares - In The Wild, $55 - Stain Glass, $65 - Salad with Raisins, $80

Created by two of Esquire Magazine's "Best Dressed Real Men," Armstrong and Wilson has the best selection of pocket squares for any man's suit. Whether he wants a funky print or a simple white square with blue trim, these buttoned pocket squares are a great gift for any man who loves to accessorize.

No man could say no to a Birchbox subscription! With samples of all the top grooming products sent monthly, he'll be able to discover new brands and purchase straight from the Birchbox website. 

The perfect stocking stuffer, Dapper Classics has men's socks in every color and pattern combination he could dream of.

Every man should have a classic cashmere sweater in a neutral color. Everlane uses the same manufacturers as designer clothing, yet offers high quality at a more reasonable price.

Give him an iPad sleeve that will impress his boss and coworkers.

We love all things skull and crossbones in my house. Pajama pants too “old” for the man in your life but you can’t look at his holey sweats from college for one more minute? How about these edgy J. Crew PJ pants I bought my husband last year?

Is he picky about his cologne? This Sephora gift set includes 10 samplers and a coupon to redeem for a full-sized bottle of his favorite fragrance.

Perfect for keeping pens and electronics organized inside his work bag for easy (and super chic!) access.

Does your husband dress well at the office but lose it on the weekends? This J. Hilburn belt allows you to choose your own combination of leather or suede and stitching. I got my husband chocolate suede with blue stitching for his birthday this year and he wears it all the time.

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