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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Fashion World Finally Realizes That My Nude Is Not Always Your Nude

Thanks to Kate Middleton and her L.K. Bennett nude pumps, most women (not just those with a fashion stylist advising them) now know that the nude pump has become a classic wardrobe staple. No other shoe can elongate your legs and match every color dress in your wardrobe. 

For years I have been frustrated by my inability to recommend this problem-solving shoe to all of my clients due to a lack of "diversity" in the nude pump arena. My quote has always been, "My nude is not your nude!" Imagine my delight when I saw a Washington Post article (thanks for sending Rachel!) announcing a new line of "Les Nudes" shoes with that exact sentiment.  Welcome to the year 2013! Christian Louboutin has become the first major designer to place pumps in a range of colors under the “nude” label. There is even a "Louboutin Shades" app for the iPhone that will match a shoe color to a picture of your foot! Most of the line has already sold out so call your local store to see what they've got left or get on the waiting list.

Christian Louboutin's Sold Out Nude Collection

Another important wardrobe staple, just like the nude pump, is the nude bra and panty. MySkins offers 20 different colors in their underwear and bra lines, meant to appear invisible with your skin tone. All the panties are 100% cotton and completely seamless to ensure that no one will ever see your underwear through your clothes. To find your perfect nude, you can either download a PDF version of their Skin Tone Color Card or request to have a version mailed to you. 

Major makeup lines have also discovered the demand for products ranging in more than just a few skin tones. Urban Decay's Naked Skin Liquid Foundation comes in 18 different shades, from very light to dark chestnut with both warm and cool skin tones in mind.

However, if you're looking for a liquid foundation at a drugstore price point, Loreal's True Match Blendable makeup is also available in 33 neutral, cool, or warm shades to match your skin perfectly. True Match is also full of Vitamins A and C to keep your skin nourished. I still swear by my Youngblood Primer and Foundation to keep my makeup on perfectly for an entire 18 hour day, but True Match is what I reach for on other, more low key days. It is amazing what a match this foundation can be to your skin!

Most of you probably think bright and Lady Gaga when referring to Mac makeup, but a client (with the hardest skin tone to pinpoint of anyone I've ever worked with!) turned me on to Mac's Tinted LipGlass years ago. Among the 43 different shades are many that can serve as "nude" lipgloss for every skin tone. It lasts for hours and looks amazing on its own, over lip pencils or lipsticks. 

Happy Matching!

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