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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Do You Dare to DIY? I Did!

Thanks to my most fashionable friend Rosa of Rosa Loves DC, I spent this past Sunday afternoon creating a new statement necklace and clutch for myself. See her blog about it here. I have boxes of crafts to work on at home, but I still haven't finished my honeymoon scrap book 3 years on, so let's just say I don't get to crafting much these days. I had so much fun! See details below on what I did and how you can get to crafting yourself. 

Topaz and Arrow is a monthly craft session and DIY workshop founded by Virginia Arrisueño of DeNada, an emerging accessories line, and Morgan Hungerford West of the blog Panda Head. Their creative projects cover everything from personal style to home décor to wedding parties. I can't wait for the next one!

A snapshot of some finished clutches as well as some raw materials. I used one of the gold rings in my necklace. Why not take a large ring and make a clutch you already own into a bracelet clutch? Cute and practical!

The raw materials for my necklace.

Rosa took these great photos of me in the midst of crafting away!

The final product!

The clutch I threw together at the last minute. After watching Rosa and Carmen figure it out!

Not in DC but love creating your own accessories such as these? Then meet your new best friend: Project DIY! Created by the crafting masterminds behind M&J Trimming in New York, Project DIY is a subscription based service that sends all of the materials needed for your monthly DIY fix straight to your home. Each project is designed by in-house jewelry designers inspired by the latest street fashion. Sign up for Project DIY to find out when it officially launches!

Looking for even more inspiration? P.S. I Made This... is always teeming with DIY fashion accessories that are relatively easy to put together yourself. Complete with easy-to-follow guides and videos, this blogger makes totally plain and boring accessories look exciting and fresh! 

We love collecting treasures from our travels. Whether sifting for sea glass or gathering stones, bringing a piece of nature home means creating long-lasting memories. In our final installment of Pretty Savvy with StyleList.com presented by Jeep, Erica shows you how to take it a step further by pulling them off the shelf and wearing them your self!  

To create: Squeeze a dollop of E6000 onto the backside of your agate; press and hold it against the center of the cuff for a few seconds. Wrap gold wire around both the agate and cuff to secure it in place (P.S- this also adds an extra flare to your new arm candy, so don’t be afraid to wrap more than necessary). Snip off the wire end with the scissors on your swiss army knife. If you don’t have agate lying around, use seashells or coral from your summer beach trip or repurpose a vintage brooch! 

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