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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Don't Let Your Bag Wear You

It's odd for a fashion stylist to say (I know), but I've never been into wearing bags featuring designer logos. I just love it when someone says, "I love your bag, what is it?" Of course I don't love it when I have to tell them it is an obscure Italian brand they will never find in the store...

My clients are often burdened with the pressure of choosing a bag. Some don't want to foot the bill for a "name" bag, and others don't want to be characterized by the brand they're carrying.

Worry no more, dear readers! The search is over. I've found three brands, all of varying price points, which should satisfy most lifestyles and budgets. Happy shopping!

Everlane is a brand I first heard about from Rosa Loves DC in this blog post about her fabulous reverse denim tote. I saw it in person last weekend and let me tell you, these bags look like they cost four times as much as they actually do!

I've also newly discovered IIIBeCa. I literally stopped in my tracks the first time I saw this line at Lord & Taylor. Great quality leather, fabulous colors and good design: what else could you ask for? 

A Clean-Cut Bag That Respects Its Owner's Style. This is the title of the New York Times article that introduced me to AB A Brand Apart. Doesn't that just say it all?

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