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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lani's Most Recent Buys!

This week I thought I'd show you a few of the things I've bought myself lately, starting with the iPad sleeve highlighted in my Tech Accessories blog. I did finally give up on the anonymity of a plain black case and give in to my inner Rainbow-Brite. And can I tell you how happy this one accessory makes me?!

PS. Scroll to the bottom for the perfect Mom accessory!

As much as I hate being accosted in the cosmetics department, I can never resist trying a new concealer. Veil's Illuminating Complexion Fix is a new concealer that actually seems to live up its promise of covering and brightening my black under-eye circles while also moisturizing the eye area! Although it isn't available on their website, I picked mine up at the Henri Bendel store in NYC, home of all cool new beauty products.

Don't you hate when you design your outfit around rain boots, then it doesn't rain that much so you are stuck in a non-optimal outfit and hot boots? Now you can match your shoes to the outfit you want to wear! I was grabbing a pair of pedicure flip-flops for a client at ZChemist on 57th Street when I ran into THE PERFECT RAIN SHOE. They only had my size in black but I've decided that everyone should have them in nude, black, and a fun color such as fushia or a neon. They are so comfortable they could even double as comfy commuting shoes instead of the dreaded flip flop...

These Uniqlo light denim legging pants are THE PERFECT SUMMER JEAN. Lightweight and stretchy, I'll be wearing them all summer with neon tees.

I am officially obsessed with Gwyneth Paltrow's new cookbook, chock full of "clean" versions of what we would like to be eating, not just what we should be eating. The best part is how kid friendly most of the recipes are. Max is a huge fan of the Sweet Potato Muffins and has eaten two in one sitting.

MOMS WITH NO HANDS, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU. Something I've been searching for seemingly forever is a wristlet/iPhone wallet. I featured this Michael Kors  one in my Tech Accessories blog and intended to purchase it once I decided upon a color. However, leaving behind a leopard print wallet, solid colors just weren't doing it for me. Enter Kate Spade's gold heart version, available for a steal at her outlets. Excuse the bad eBay picture but it is no longer available on her website and I just had to show it to you!

Kate Spade Metro Spade Jazzy Perforated Phone Case Wristlet

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