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Thursday, March 28, 2013

RLS Update!

This week I thought I would let you know what exciting things we have been working on here at Real Life Style. I'm almost done catching up after taking 2 weeks off for a Thailand adventure. Didn't you wonder why I was strangely silent during the Oscars? For the record, my favorite outfit was Jessica Chastain in Giorgio Armani.

This spring I will start giving a new Personal Style Workshop, beginning with my fave Cleveland Park Moms & Babies group. The babies will be staying home for this one. I designed the workshop after I met a pediatrician/mother of two-year old twins on an airplane who told me that she didn't have time to have personal style. That broke my little fashion/mommy heart! So if you or your friends need help finding your personal style, contact me! 

Last week I gave a presentation on Aging Gracefully with Style for a fabulous group of women in support of the Brandeis National Committee. Women over 50 have specific fashion needs and questions which I was thrilled to address. Thanks again for having me ladies! 

Exciting news for those of you who are having trouble getting onto my schedule in DC or New York. Real Life Style is expanding by taking on two new fabulous stylists, one in each city! But don't worry if you don't live in NYC or DC, we all travel! I will be officially introducing these wonderful women to you in the next few weeks. I will also be freshening up my website, which has been pretty neglected since I had my son 14 months ago. He has just started walking which means I have neglected it long enough! 

Looking forward to sharing more spring fashion with you soon!


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