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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cruelty-Free Fashion Is Fabulous

This post is for Erin B. and Alissa B! It's almost 2013, and who isn't thinking about how to be kinder to the environment? Even the fashion industry has become more eco-conscious. One of the biggest ways that designers have instituted better practices is in making cruelty-free pieces. These pieces are great for everyone, not just practicing vegans! They're often more affordable as well. Faux fur isn't new, but it used to be like the inexpensive stepchild of fur--now, it looks so good that it's a trend on its own! So if you want clothes or accessories with the look of fur, leather, or snakeskin, but couldn't imagine actually buying real ones, cruelty-free fashion has become a chic, simple alternative. Here are some cruelty-free essentials:

ASOS works a lot with faux leather, and the results are winners. This small satchel is perfect for traveling light when walking around the city all day. Love the scalloping detail!

This larger satchel is good for when you need a bit more bag... Cornelia Guest, once known as a socialite, has gotten a lot of press recently for her cruelty-free designs. Her bags are now carried at stores like Bloomingdales and Intermix.

Olsen Haus makes cruelty-free, vegan shoes and accessories that would be right at home on the floor at Barneys. These heels fit the colorblocking trend we've been seeing all season. 

Make an entire outfit with faux fur and show the snow who's boss!

Kate Spade is another designer who has shown her passion for cruelty-free fashion. As a sucker for real vintage coats, I love this faux vintage, faux fur-trimmed option!

You can start your children shopping for cruelty-free fashion while they're still young! Ralph Lauren went fur-free in 2006, and he's been designing adorable pieces with faux fur ever since. 

Sometimes, you just need to add a little edge to your wardrobe. Gunas makes edgy bags that are totally luxurious, and totally cruelty-free. 

Stella McCartney took a staunch stand at the beginning of her career to never use fur or leather. These faux leather and suede wedge booties are on-trend, eco-friendly... and on sale!

So cozy! This coat is kind of amazing. Its oversized shape and faux fur make it very this season, plus it looks super comfortable and the grey will match everything!

Matt & Nat, the name of this vegan brand that is sold at places like Urban Outfitters, comes from "Mat(t)erial and Nature." This satchel is a knockout--hip and stylish, practical and affordable. 


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