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Thursday, May 10, 2012

To Buy or Not To Buy

One of the most frequent fashion conundrums I'm asked about is whether or not to buy new clothes during transition times such as after pregnancy or when you've gained a few pounds from stress. It is natural to think you would be wasting money by purchasing new clothes when you think you will fit back into your "regular" clothes within a few months. This would be a mistake. You are actually wasting time not feeling good about yourself when you DON'T buy yourself some new clothes. Lest you think I'm being extravagant, I have a strategy for you dear reader!

1. KEEP IT CHEAP AND CHEERFUL. Shop at stores like H&M, Old Navy and The Gap, where you can get the most fashion for your money.

2. GO FOR THE TRENDS. If you aren't spending much you can reasonably assume the clothes won't last very long, so why not embrace the trends this season?

3. BUY WHAT YOU LOVE. If your post-baby belly is making you blue, cheer yourself up with a bright top or scarf. Yes, you should get a basic black and white tee, but you should also get a hot pink striped one if that is going to keep you excited to get dressed each morning.

4. MAKE IT FLEXIBLE. Boxier tops will still look good with skinny jeans when you are skinnier, a cotton maxi skirt will shrink with you, and a scarf always fits!

5. INVEST IN ACCESSORIES. Wearing good shoes, a pricier bag, and an expensive pair of earrings will up the perceived value of any outfit. And best of all, they'll always fit!

How about a black maxi skirt instead of the fall back yoga pant for the new mom and others not wanting to deal with denim? The scarf and relaxed silhouette of the top distract from a larger top half and the long black skirt shrinks the lower half. Add a chic but comfortable leather sandal for a complete look.

Old Navy 3/4 Sleeve Yellow Top $29.94
Zappos Black Maxi Skirt $75
Old Navy Zig Zag Print Scarf $16.94
Zappos Kork-Ease Katherine Sandals $135
The structure of a blazer smoothes any lumps around the middle and dresses up a tee shirt and jeans. Gold hued earrings brighten up the face and give you a natural glow. Bright colors add interest and make you feel and look current. Patterned flats make you look oh so fashionable and really bring the outfit together.

H&M Orange Blazer $49.95
Topshop Blue Skinny Jeans $60
Larkspur & Hawk Earrings $1,150
Repetto Ballet Flats $265

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