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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The New Neon

"Neon???!!!", you ask. "Didn't I wear that in the 80's?" Why yes, you did. And having been there myself, I wasn't sure I would be back for this round. Have you heard the old adage, if you wore it the first time around you shouldn't wear it the second time around? I'm here to show you how to do the "NEW" Neon so no one will think you just pulled your old neon out of the closet.

Still unsure? Start with an accessory, then go bigger if you dare. I started with neon yellow sunglasses and before I knew it, I was obsessing over a Marc by Marc Jacobs neon trimmed jacket at Barneys. Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of the blog for a special surprise!

Neon yellow is feeling the freshest of all the neon colors.

Hot pink is oh so pretty and stunning on blonds.

Orange is bold and beautiful on those with olive and darker skin tones.

Try mixing your neon shade with a subtle non color such as khaki or grey for a super sophisticated look.

Bill ruched halterneck swimsuit $350

Brian Atwood Manic platform pumps $595

Target Xhilaration crossbody bag $13
Marc by Marc Jacobs leather belt $130
Roberto Cavalli neon leather trimmed tote $830
Kamikaze silk chiffon plunge bra $90
Bruce silk-crepe blazer $445
Michael Kors pink sheath dress $1,245
Proenza Schouler python bag $1,735
MCQ Alexander McQueen flats $410
Marc by Marc Jacobs Brice army-style coat $609
Marc by Marc Jacobs Esther Oxford crepe top $330
Klee leather and neon sandals $200
Jill Stuart oxford with neon sole $745
Brian Atwood Alima neon leather pumps $795

Portrait in Neon
Photography by Danielle Sara Photography at Mamas Link event

1 comment:

  1. OK, you two look adorable rocking the neon trend on that photo!
    I was a bit skeptical too when the trend started showing up all over the place and I wonder if I could pull it off at my age. So I went with a simple neon yellow necklace and a couple of neon pink tops.