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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Do you have Seasonal Confusion Disorder (SCD)?

What is Seasonal Confusion Disorder you ask? Allow me to explain... Growing up in Chicago and then living my adult life in New York City, two cities with very clear weather seasons, I never thought much about not wearing summer clothes in November or February. Then I started spending time in Washington, DC...Now I know that it can be 60 degrees here in February, or 70 degrees in March, as it is today. This is no excuse for what I saw a girl wearing on March 1st, light cotton white pants and gold Jack Rogers sandals. We may not all subscribe to the "No White Before Memorial Day" rule anymore, but seriously, Jack Rogers sandals? This is what you wear in Palm Beach in the winter, not DC on the first day of March.

Which brings me to the question I have been asking since I arrived in DC, why does this city have so much more SCD than others? I have a theory. DC is a city of "visitors," people who come from other places. A lot of those other places are south and west of here where seasons are not as defined as they are up north and in the midwest. If you've grown up in California, you might only own summer shoes, work pumps and a pair of Uggs. When the weekend rolls around and it is warm out, you grab the summer shoes like you are still in Orange County. Conversely, you could be from a city with a colder climate, think winter in DC is a joke (Snowmaggedon not included), and so you pull out your linen pants when it is 65 degrees in February. This is where we find out if my husband reads my blog. Yes, Michael, I am throwing you under the bus here!

Another theory is that I'm wrong, this IS the south and one CAN wear Jack Rogers sandals on March 1st.

Thoughts, dear reader?

I'm here to offer a compromise. Chic, transitional outfits that are perfectly appropriate year round, which is the type of wardrobe I design for my DC clients. Add a scarf or a jacket when it is a little cooler and you're good to go.
Transitional Outfit 1

Transitional Outfit 2

Transitional Outfit 3

Transitional Outfit 4

Transitional Outfit 5

Transitional Outfit 6

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