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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Are You A Chic Commuter?

How do you keep your feet looking good while commuting to work in bad weather?

I owe this post to my fashionable sister-in-law, Amy, who inquired about stylish shoes that can endure the elements. I jumped at the opportunity to address this issue, as un-stylish, bad weather gear really gets my goat!

All women need at least two "bad weather" shoes in their arsenal: a stylish rain boot and a stylish snow boot. Easier said than found, you say? Lucky for you, I've done the legwork so all you have to do is click and buy. Happy shopping!

Don't you hate wearing your rain boots to work and then getting stuck wearing them home while the sun is shining? DKNY has come out with a brilliant solution to the quandary. These packable rain boots fold into their own nylon pouch! This is also a great solution for travel. Hurry though, the adorable raspberry color are selling out everywhere!
The classic rain boot, which has been quite in style the last few years, is the Hunter. I like to amp up the style quotient with the glossy version. Burgundy, anyone? The problem with some brighter colors is that they can seriously limit the colors in the rest of your outfit, and you might be embarrassed to walk into a meeting wearing them. 
If color is too much for your workplace or personal style, do what I do and just wear a classic black riding-boot style rain boot. I love this one from Cole Haan!
Rain boots can have color, and snow boots should be black. Those of you who have seen my green Orla Kiely snow boots with tea cups on them are probably laughing right now, but we're talking about the work commute, not the weekend. I have a pair that looks like these for more formal occasions. Have you heard of La Canadienne? They have an incredible section of stylish waterproof boots on Zappos.
Aquatalia is another favorite brand for weatherproof shoes you can wear to work and beyond. These may not be commuter appropriate, but how sexy will you be in the next snowstorm wearing these?

What do you wear to commute? Post your pictures of stylish commuting shoes! 
Do you have a good idea or burning fashion question that you'd like me to turn into a post? Let me know!

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