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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do You Control Your Closet or Does Your Closet Control You?

Has your dream closet been within reach all along? Could there be a $10 solution to what seems like a million dollar problem? You are not as limited by your space as you think you are.

It is amazing to me how many people give up on their wardrobe due to perceived limits in their physical space. What is it that Oprah says?  "It was all in your control the whole time." Exactly!

I recently conducted a Closet Makeover for a woman with a typical NYC closet: tall and narrow, without enough hanging space. Being forced to fold most of her clothing (never a good idea!) meant that she had to sift through piles every morning when trying to get dressed for work. A woman with two children under the age of 5 is never going to have neat, folded piles on open shelves. This is why I avoid them at all costs except for easily identifiable items such as bulky sweaters or jeans.

Most New Yorkers without enough closet space think they’ll have to invest an extra million in a new apartment before they can enjoy a closet that works for them. Au contraire! The solution to this closet conundrum? The previous owner of the apartment had actually installed an Elfa system from the Container Store (25% off until Sept 4th!) in my client's bedroom closet.  Our solution was removing some shelves, adjusting the placement of others, and installing a new hanging bar in the closet.  10 minutes and $10 later, et voil√†! My client 's dream closet had been within her reach all along.

The client did commit to some major wardrobe editing.  Who doesn’t need to edit after two children and a career and country change? The results were a functional closet filled only with clothes that fit and flattered her, a targeted shopping list to complete her wardrobe, and an understanding of how to dress her “new” body type.  Most importantly, she found her dream closet! 

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